It’s time to redo your kitchen. Your old plumbing has been spitting and kicking, surprising you when you turn the water on to fill a glass or saucepan. The sink is old and showing its years. Your cabinets – well, let’s just say they were around before your eldest was born. You’ll have to worry about replacing kitchen plumbing, finding the right plumbers in Toronto and choosing just the right fixtures for your brand-new kitchen.

Renovate Around the Kitchen Sink

If you’ve thought about completely rearranging your kitchen, moving the sink over there, the stove over here and putting the food prep island right here, you might want to reconsider your plans.

Moving the plumbing from one area to another means the plumber has to worry about extending water lines, which will cost you more. It may be a better idea to leave your kitchen sink just where it’s been since your house was built. This means your water installation headaches and worries won’t be as big. Instead, rebuild and rearrange your kitchen around the sink. Easy!

Unleash Your Imagination

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of those kitchens with gleaming, stainless-steel appliances or all-white surfaces. Or the old-fashioned kitchen style with polished wood cabinets and pantry doors has always caught your fancy. Whatever your dreams, discuss your ideas with a design architect.

Just don’t forget that the plumber you hire will have a huge say in whether your designs will work. When it comes to water installation, a plumber in Toronto will want to make sure that he’ll be able to work with your design ideas in helping to renovate your kitchen so it becomes the room of your dreams. He knows what he can do and he wants to do the best job he can.

Those Plumbing Questions

First, make sure the plumbing company you contract has the know-how to do the work you need. When he’s elbow-deep in piping isn’t the time to find out that his company isn’t insured or licensed. Also, the work his company does will have to pass inspection by an inspector from Toronto Water. If it isn’t, it’s back to the drawing board you go!

Before a plumber begins working on the pipes during your kitchen reno, you need to know, down to the last dollar, how much you will be spending. You may need to approve a pipe upgrade or installation of new piping. If you’re relocating your scullery, you’ll have to commit to higher prices. Money begins to fly out of your wallet. To control just how much money you spend, get a reliable quote.

This Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Job!

Finally, a kitchen reno isn’t a weekend DIY job. It is highly involved, requiring the expertise, education and knowledge of an experienced plumber and kitchen designer. It’s going to cost you money either way, so you may as well spend money on a good plumber, knowing the job will be done correctly the first time. You don’t want to spend money correcting the mistakes you made by doing it yourself, right?