building trap removed from Toronto homeBuilding trap (running trap) replacement services in Toronto.

It is easy to find many older properties that still have a building trap in place. This device is attached to the main drain of a household’s sewer drain, it serves to stop sewage gases and water backflow from entering the home. If your home or property was built before the 1950s, you most likely have a building trap (unless you’ve already had it replaced). This type of trap is also referred to as a sewer trap, sanitary trap, or a running trap.

Since every plumbing fixture is fitted with a trap, these old building traps are obsolete. In recent years, they’ve been prohibited in all plumbing codes and you will not find them installed on any modern property. All they serve to provide home and properties owners these days is with headaches due to the problems that they cause:

Blocked Drains

One of the most common problems that eventually occur with these traps is blockages. The truth is that this will eventually happen with every single trap of this variety (unless it is one of the very few that was built with a cleanout). Modern-day plumbing equipment cannot access the downstream drainpipe or trap properly since this type of trap is essentially two 90-degree elbows.

Root Infestation

Another extremely common problem with building traps is root infestation. When a tree decides your drainpipe is a new source of water you are in for one seriously blocked drain. Not only do roots block your drain, but they also act as a sieve catching small debris that flows past. Eventually, you’ve got quite a blocked drain, the only thing to do in this situation is to call a professional plumber to come and remove the trap.

Building Trap Removal

Several different forms of building traps exist, both interior and exterior. The process of removing it will vary, depending on where the trap is located.

Exterior building traps will typically need excavating near the foundation while replacing an interior trap will require us to take up the basement flooring. After we’ve removed the trap we’ll install a two-way cleanout, enabling access to the entire drain—both upstream and downstream. In addition, some areas will benefit from the installation of a backwater valve, which will provide similar protection from sewer back in a more modern way.

Trust Seasoned Professional Plumbers

We’ve been removing and replacing these traps for quite a number of years all across Toronto. If you have a building trap you’d like us to remove and replace simply contact us at 416-822-2221.