Toronto drain cleaning

Cleaning drains all over the Toronto area.

Oftentimes drains become clogged through a build-up of fats, oils, grease, or foreign objects, which accumulate in the pipes. Sometimes an over-the-counter drain cleaner may be helpful, however, if the blockage is solid, in the sewers, or toilet, you’ll need a professional. That’s where we come in. Our plumbers are experts at unclogging drains and are equipped with the best equipment on the market.

Drain cleaning is a fairly fast and inexpensive process and is recommended every few years even if you aren’t having problems with clogging.

Clogged drains can be a lot of trouble, especially if they lead to flooding, which causes property damage and possible health risks. Cleaning your drainage systems is a great preventive maintenance, and you can definitely think of it as an investment, warding against future clogs, possible flooding, and the rest of the issue associated with clogged drains.

Our techniques for drain cleaning rely on a few basic tactics. The first and most used cleaning technique is draining snaking. We take a metal drain snake with a sharp head and feed it through the drain pipe. This should cut a clear path through the blockage and allow the pipe to drain.

ADP has been performing drain snaking in Toronto for over 10 years, but it doesn’t always solve the problem. When a drain is snaked, a hole the size of the snake’s head is opened, but the outer accumulation remains, which can cause the drain to clog easily once again. That’s why we have hydro-jetting tools.

Unclogging Drains with Hydro-jetting

The second method we use for unclogging drains is hydro-jetting. All of our plumbers are trained and experienced with high-pressure water jets, and carry them in our vans on jobs. This technique is great for sewer and septic clogs, garbage disposals, and shower/bathtub drains.

Most (but not all) drain pipes are strong enough to withstand hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is the ultimate technique for cleaning drains. We inject the line with a high-pressure water stream that quickly and completely clears pipes of fats, oils, greases, hair, sand, sludge, roots, and other build-ups. After hydro-jetting, pipes are almost like new again, flowing freely and without obstruction. Drain cleaning with hydro-jetting is extremely effective and can secure your pipes against clogs for several years.

After the drain cleaning is done with, we visually inspect the pipes with our CCTV camera to make sure that all blockage is cleared, and there are not any other problems going on inside of your pipes to cause future problems. So don’t wait today, call us for our full-service drain cleaning today!