ADP Toronto Plumbing Water service upgrade and repair

Are you a need for water service upgrade and repair? If yes then we can help.

Your home plumbing system is made up of separate water sub-systems including your water system and your drainage system. The water system supplies potable water from your nearest water treatment plant, through the local water mains, and into your home. The installation of home water service in Toronto is the responsibility of the homeowner, although the City supplies the water for residential uses. Whether you need a new water service installation for a new home, or service upgrading and replacement of old water connections in your existing home, this is a job for a professional plumber.

When does one require a water service upgrade and repair?

We often take water as a matter of course, but as quickly as your sink or tub begins to shoot out dirty or no water, something is seriously wrong with your water line. Whether you know it or not, many homes today are still fitted with obsolete piping systems, that can in numerous ways cause harm to the house and its people.

Remove Lead Pipe

Believe it or not, there is still water service infrastructure utilizing lead piping. Replacing this lead pipe is the most effective way to reduce, if not eliminate, lead exposure in your drinking water. How can this be accomplished? Simple, there is piping that runs from the water main to your property; you must have both the privately owned pipe and the City-owned piping replaced. The property owners section of the water service pipe runs from either inside of the home or from the water meter to the edge of the property line; the City-owned portion of the pipe runs from the actual City water main and connects to the privately-owned piping at the property line.

Back in 2011, the City of Toronto took it upon themselves to replace 1,500 priority lead water service lines every year. These priority replacement properties are designated by properties where the owner has either already replaced their portion of the lead pipe, or will do so at the same time as the City does. When a homeowner wishes to notify the City that they are/or will be upgrading their lead pipe they must fill out the application form that can be accessed via the link below.

Here is the priority lead water service replacement form – you must fill out this form to notify the City of your intention to upgrade your Toronto water service.

New Water Service

Building a new home is an investment that most homeowners expect to enjoy for a long time to come. One of the critical features of residential property in Toronto is an adequate supply of clean water for household use. Toronto bylaws are particularly stringent, with specifications for service installation that include a minimum of a 19 mm diameter water connection. As contractors experienced in the requirements of the bylaws, ADP can help you navigate through the process of applying for your new water service. We have the equipment and training to obtain the necessary permits, connect your property to the main municipal water supply, and install water piping and valves to carry the water from the mains to your home.

Water Meter Installation

Along with your new service, you are required to install water meters in compliance with the City’s bylaws. All new service installations are fitted with a meter connected to the City by a radio communications network, which enables the automated collection, transmission and recording of your water usage for billing purposes. The water meter selected should be the appropriate size for residential use, and it is supplied by the City although you pay the cost of the equipment on application. Owners of properties containing more than one dwelling will need to install water meters for each building. Your brand new water service is activated only once the water meter is installed and has been inspected by the City’s water inspector.

Upgrading Your Service

Many stately Toronto homes that precede 1970 have outdated water services systems and galvanized steel water pipes. The pipes develop an internal buildup of minerals and corrosion, causing blockages that result in low water pressure and strange-tasting water. Homeowners typically try to postpone upgrading their water service installation as long as possible. This is unwise, however, as a decayed water supply system can collapse without warning, resulting in expensive flood damage. In addition, when you upgrade your service, this is the ideal time to increase the pressure of your water supply by increasing the diameter of your pipe, replacing the old galvanized pipe with copper, and eliminating any pipe leaks.

What are the benefits of a water service upgrade and repair?

For any of several reasons, the water service upgrade is generally essential in its own right at the moment. However, the advantages go far beyond solving the instant issue because it helps you avoid having other issues in the future when an upgrade is performed properly. Upgrades are activated only after the approval of the water inspector, at the City of Toronto, so you know that you will be safe for many years to come when yours is complete. The benefits of water service upgrade and repair

  • Getting a new water meter
  • Replacement of old pipes
  • Repairs to water leaks
  • Improved water pressure
  • Everything was done to code

What factors affect the cost of water service upgrade and repair?

When upgrading a water installation in Toronto, most homeowners feel it costs more than they expect. Usually, this is because of the extra job performed at the moment. Whether your water installation upgrade relates to a freshwater meter, extensions or home renovations or merely in reaction to a plumbing inspection identifying issue regions, we have some factors which affect the cost of water service upgrade

  • Pipe replacement
  • Drain repair
  • Water Meter installation
  • Additional equipment

For all your water service upgrade or installation requirements, or to install water meters, replacement systems or new water pipes, call your reliable local plumber – ADP Toronto Plumbing.