drain plumbing servicesFull drain service Toronto residents can depend on.

Over the past decade we have provided Toronto with a wide range of drain services, and for good reason. Regular inspection and maintenance of your drain plumbing system keeps it operating efficiently and reduces drain problems to a minimum. A clogged drain can lead to flooding, contamination of your household’s plumbing system and damage to the infrastructure, resulting in thousands of dollars in repair costs. For more than 10 years, ADP Toronto Plumbing have been providing reliable drain plumbers to service the drainage plumbing systems of homeowners across the GTA. Our licensed, bonded and insured professionals have comprehensive knowledge of Toronto’s unique sewer and drainage systems, and we offer a one-stop service with our drain services.

Full Service Solutions

The plumbing of the household drainage systems is specialized work. When a floor drain becomes clogged, our expert drain plumbers can resolve the problem without causing damage to the surrounding floor. Our sophisticated CCTV equipment enters your drain plumbing to conduct a camera inspection, which is documented on DVD or flash drive for your records. The inspection enables us to identify collapsed pipe lines, blockages, or the source of smelly water collecting on your basement floor.

Drain Investigation

CCTV Camera Drain Inspection
Drain & Pipe Tracing
Drain Mapping

Drain Rehabilitation

CIPP Lateral Lining
Spot Repair
Pipe Bursting & Replacement

Drain Maintenance

Sewer Line Repair
Hydro Jetting
Drain Snaking

Drain Snaking

Once the problem is diagnosed, our drain plumbing team will determine whether drain snaking will resolve the issue. Grease buildups, accumulation of hair and dust particles, or blockages caused by loose objects can often be eliminated easily through this process. Blocked toilets benefit from passing the snake through, and our drain plumbers are highly skilled at using this simple method. Once the drain plumbing has been cleaned and the problem is resolved, the repair work can be verified using the camera inspection.

Drain Plumbers Repairs

In the event of a blockage causing structural damage to the drainage systems, our plumbers are fully qualified to conduct extensive plumbing drain repair work to resolve the problem. Many older GTA homes have sewer lines made from clay or cast iron, which deteriorate over time and are easily penetrated by roots. Cast iron has the added disadvantage of sustaining corrosion that can also result in drain plumbing blockages and collapse. Once our drain plumbers have identified the problem, we will advise you on the best and most cost-effective method of repair. We offer drain excavation as well as trenchless technologies such as drain plumbing liner installation and pipe bursting.

Backflow Prevention

Each rainy season, thousands of homeowners experience flooding of their basements with waste and storm water, caused by overloaded municipal and storm water systems pushing back into their drain plumbing. Backwater valve installation can greatly reduce the risk of flooding, and many GTA municipalities offer incentives for homeowners to install these valves. Under the Ontario building codes, only licensed drain plumbers are authorized to perform these installations, which must be accessible for regular inspection and cleaning. ADP Toronto Plumbing is approved to install backwater valves. We use leading-edge drain plumbing equipment and certified supplies, and handle all aspects of the permit application, as well as helping you to obtain applicable homeowner incentives and rebates.