waterproofing your basement

Putting an end to wet, damp, leaky foundations and basements.

A damp, leaky basement or crawl space doesn’t do much for you or your home. You can’t use the space for storage, because anything you keep in it develops mold and smells. Water is the primary cause of damage to the foundations of a home, and moisture from the foundation leaking through the walls into your basement can compromise the structural integrity of the building. We perform basement waterproofing services to effectively waterproof both interior and exterior of your foundation walls, eliminating leaks and reducing the incidences of dampness and mildew infestation.

Toronto Basement Waterproofing Done Right

Our plumbing technicians have been providing waterproofing services for over 20 years. We’ll fix your wet basement Toronto, once and for all! From foundation waterproofing to foundation repairs, we’ve seen and done it all and are incredibly experienced working with Toronto area homes.

If signs of water are present, such as bowed or cracked foundation walls, pools of water on the floor or beads of moisture on the walls, chances are that the earth surrounding the foundation of your home is saturated with water. Prevent the development of basement leaking problems by having regular inspections of your property conducted by professional plumbers. Identifying the source of the water and the channels it uses to enter your foundation is critical to the success of waterproofing your homes.

Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Methods

Waterproofing the basement foundation walls is the most reliable method of stopping water from entering this part of your home through cracks and holes in the foundation walls. We will help you to waterproof your basement before you experience problems, part of this task will be conducting repairs to your foundation. If you already have signs and symptoms of basement leaking, however, by excavating the affected sections of the foundation from the outside, we can purge the water from the foundation and treat it if necessary with parging cement. This basement waterproofing process is followed by coating the basement walls with tar or a waterproofing emulsion, or by installing a rigid plastic membrane and weeping tiles to prevent water entry.

Interior Waterproofing Methods

Waterproofing the exterior of your foundation is our recommended method to resolve basement leaking problems, but it may not be feasible for various reasons. These include limited access to the affected foundation wall, trees or garden landscaping, or the budget available for the costly exercise of excavation. We offer interior basement waterproofing based on coating the walls on the inside with a waterproof emulsion, or installation of the plastic membrane. The use of weeping tiles requires extensive excavation of the flooring, so this is only practical in extreme cases.

Leaky Basement in Your Toronto Home?

Many of Toronto’s older homes experience aging water pipe infrastructure and drainage systems, especially those over 40 years old that may still have the original galvanized steel piping. The corrosion and deterioration of the water supply systems frequently cause basement leaking problems. Additionally, the great summer storms have also led to many issues with basements flooding causing tens of thousands of dollars to damage. If you suspect your home may be susceptible to these problems it’s important to take care of them before the next rainy summer season.

Trust our professional plumbers to carry out your basement waterproofing in advance, enabling you to relax secure in the knowledge that it is watertight. We provide wet basement solutions Toronto homeowners can rely on, call us at 416-822-2221 to discuss how we can be of service.