foundation repair

Waterproofing and foundation repairs go hand-in-hand.

Wet, smelly basements are endemic in Toronto, with its old homes and aging pipe infrastructures. These problems are usually a sign of the foundation leaking water through cracks in the walls. Leaks are common and develop for a number of reasons, including cracks in the walls and floor from the house settling after it was built, a lack of protection around your foundation, or foundation cracks and leaks resulting from earthquake and flood damage. Whatever the cause, foundation repair is useless unless you first attend to the plumbing requirements that go hand in hand with it.

Repairing Your Foundation

When repairing the majority of foundations the types of damage to correct typically include bowing walls and cracks, both of which are frequently caused by water. Bowed walls signify a weakened wall structure, usually caused by the pressure of water or saturated earth against a section of the exterior wall. The pressure results in the cracking of the interior of the wall, whether it is made from concrete or brick. The cracks allow water to seep through, which makes the basement wet and moldy. Foundation repair is a costly process, which can be minimized by regular inspection of your foundations and basement.

How to fix foundation problems?

The method of fixing foundation issues depend on the severity of the problem at the time of the repairs. If the problems are limited to small quantities of water leaking into your basement through cracks in the walls, you may be able to fix foundation leaks simply by sealing the cracks. The cause of the cracks, however, requires attention; if they are caused by a loss of integrity in the walls, then rebuilding is necessary to stabilize the structure or the problem is likely to recur. If water is the cause of the pressure against the exterior of the foundation, then excavation is needed to discover the source of the water before you repair foundation cracks or the wet earth will continue to saturate the foundations.

Foundation Repair Methods

Several forms of foundation repair are popular in Toronto, including bell piers, steel piers or pressed pilings. The bell pier method calls for drilling shafts through the existing, faulty foundation, and filling these with poured concrete to provide a new support structure for the home. In the steel pier method of foundation repair, steel supports are driven under the building to support it and prevent movement, and the press pilings method inserts a number of concrete cylinders under the foundation for shallow, short-term support.

All these forms of foundation repair are only effective, however, if the original cause of the problem has been identified and any water leakage is resolved. Once your foundation has been repaired, your risk of flooding is reduced and your basement should be dry and warm, ready to be used as an extension of your living area. ADP Toronto Plumbing has the expertise and equipment to help you fix foundation problems before they reach the stage that a collapsed wall is imminent.