drain camera inspectionA picture speaks a thousand words – camera inspection finds the problem fast!

Drain camera inspection refers to the process of checking your drains for problems such as leaks, blockages, burst pipes, or even collapsed pipes. A small camera on the end of a cable is inserted into your drain, this allows us to closely inspect every inch of your drain pipe.

The reasons many Toronto residents have a drain inspection vary. If you’re buying a new property with existing plumbing, you will definitely want to have the plumbing inspected. We can do this, and let you know of any possible problems before buying. If you’re looking to remodel and build a new bathroom or laundry room, you may want to look at the pipes to see which way they are running, where they are, or how deep they go.

If you’re consistently smelling a sewer-like smell, have constant back-ups/clogs, or are planning any new additions involving plumbing, you need a drain inspection before anything else can be done. This will ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to make any future plumbing decisions.

We also use drain inspection techniques both before and after a drain cleaning or replacement job, to make sure that all went well and the pipes are clean and withstand the pressure put on them.

CCTV Inspection of Drain Plumbing

We typically use a fiber-optic CCTV drain camera, inserted through one of your drain clean-outs. The camera itself is a small fiber-optic flexible inspection camera that can easily be inserted into pipes. The video is output in color onto a small screen, and from there the technician can identify anything from a root infestation to cracked pipes. Upon request, we can have the entire inspection loaded onto a DVD or memory stick for your records.

The technician can literally see inside your pipes and examine them for foreign objects, or signs of wear and tear. Whenever dealing with drains, it’s a good idea to get a drain inspection first and foremost, so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Whether you have consistent plumbing issues or have a brand-new house, drain inspection can be a huge benefit to you as a home or business owner. It is the first step in identifying a problem and preventing it before it turns into a major incident. There is no reason not to have your pipes inspected so call us today and we’ll get one of our expert plumbers out there to figure what’s going on inside your pipes.

Call us for a CCTV drain camera inspection and we’ll send out one of our technicians to examine your pipes. After the examination, we’ll write up an estimate detailing any work that has to be done, including repairs, replacements, or installations. Whenever we provide any main drain services we also provide a free drain inspection to make sure your drainage systems are in full working order!