horizontal directional drilling

Fast, effective drilling for the installation of utility lines and more.

We provide the entire Greater Toronto Area with horizontal directional drilling services. Directional drilling is extremely useful for drilling and installing all sorts of utilities and infrastructure such as gas lines, communications, water supply & drain lines, and electrical conduit. One of the major benefits of horizontal directional drilling is that it is a trenchless procedure enabling the installation of infrastructure in a variety of otherwise inaccessible areas.

Directional Drilling – The Benefits

The benefits of directional drilling are many, allowing the installation of infrastructure in areas that are completely inaccessible or would otherwise be financially prohibitive. This includes waterways, roadways, environmental preserves, and other locations that would be very difficult, if not impossible to access. Another massive benefit of horizontal directional drilling is the trenchless process; landscaping remains untouched and there is no need for expensive excavation. Thus, directional drilling is an affordable, fast and effective method of installing a wide range of utilities.

Directional Drilling – How is it done?

First, there must be an exit and entrance point for the directional drilling process. A route must be plotted to avoid any other utilities or problem areas along the trajectory of the drilling operation. Once these inspections and plans are complete the process utilizes a horizontal boring machine that penetrates the ground and steers the operation using a variety of techniques based upon the soil content, size of the hole, and other variables.

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