plumbing installation and upgrade

Installing new plumbing/fixtures? Upgrading your plumbing or fixtures? We can help.

At one time, modern plumbing installation meant galvanized steel water supply pipes and cast iron drains. Those materials have mostly been replaced by copper, polyethylene and PVC plastic; however, the reliance of the system on the plumber’s skill remains a cornerstone of the plumbing industry. The domestic plumbing in your home is one of the critical aspects of the home’s construction, and one of the most popular types of renovations undertaken by homeowners. Statistics show that homeowners typically recoup up to 64.1 percent of their investment in bathroom remodeling, and a large part of the investment is the plumbing installation.

Plumbing Installation Options

Most freestanding Canadian homes have at least one and a half bathrooms, and some have additional washrooms located conveniently in the house. Plumbing installation takes more than just connecting pipes to the main water supply. Ontario’s building codes are particularly strict, and homeowners must adhere to the province’s water bylaws when building or remodeling a home. Besides, there’s a lot at stake: A single leaking joint can result in expensive water damage; a poorly-fitted drain will clog regularly, and unanchored water pipes rattle and bang each time a faucet is turned on or off. For reliable, sturdy plumbing, install your water inlets and outlets using ADP.

Our professional plumbing contractors are familiar with Toronto’s local codes and rules and will ensure that all of your fixtures are installed properly so that they last for years to come.

Bathroom Plumbing Installation Services

Call ADP to install bathroom plumbing that meets the needs of your household. Showers are popular choices in modern homes and are the number one addition during bathroom remodeling projects. In homes where the bathroom was not designed to include a shower, many homeowners choose to install shower plumbing over the bathtub. Alternatively, install a one-piece, molded shower in a corner of the bathroom, if you have sufficient space. ADP handles every aspect of your bathroom plumbing, from showers to hot-tubs we can handle it all. We install all new piping and drains where required in a professional manner.

Plumbing installation of a vanity slab and sink is another popular renovation project. To install sink plumbing, it may be necessary to move the supply lines if you are changing the location of the sink. Whether your renovation is a simple replacement of the faucets or a complete remodeling of the entire sink, ADP is only a telephone call away.

Toilet Plumbing Installation

Adding an extra toilet to your home can increase the resale value tremendously. Toronto homes built in the 1960s frequently had only a single bathroom and toilet combined. This is insufficient for modern families, whose busy lifestyles often result in three or more people needing to wash and dress simultaneously. A basement toilet install adds an extra facility to your home, which is invaluable during the busy work week and useful when you have guests. If you have enough space in the basement, why not let ADP also install shower plumbing, and convert your finished basement into a self-contained apartment to generate rental income.

Other Plumbing Installations

ADP will attend to all your plumbing installation requirements, including kitchen plumbing, installation of new water services, pipe replacement and upsizing. We install indoor and outdoor drains, resolve your water pressure problems and replace faucets in neighborhoods across the GTA. Call us for professional, one-stop plumbing services.