Toronto homeowners commission a water service upgrade for any one of a number of reasons, which are usually important in their own right at the time. The benefits go far beyond fixing the immediate problem, however, because when an upgrade it done correctly it helps you to avoid experiencing other problems in the future. Upgrades are only activated once they are signed off by the City of Toronto’s water inspector, so when yours is complete you know you’re safe for many years to come. Here are some of the unexpected benefits of having your service upgraded:

Benefit #1: Getting a New Water Meter

The City is currently in the process of implementing a program to replace all outdated water meters with new, automated models. While the installation of these meters across the City is mandatory if you’re getting a water service upgrade it’s the ideal time to do it. Both the meters and the installation are free, and the process takes around 90 minutes. If you still have an old meter or no meter at all, it’s far better to do it at the same time as your upgrade, instead of doing it separately.

Benefit #2: Replacement of Old Pipes

Many of Toronto’s older homes still have galvanized or lead piping. Even if you can’t see those sections of pipe, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The galvanized pipes develop blockages from built-up minerals and corrosion, while lead piping is toxic and can affect your family’s health. Both of these types of old piping can be replaced during a water service upgrade.

The City takes responsibility for the replacement of the lead piping in the public section of the water supply, which is located outside your property. You are required to replace the privately-owned section, however, and this can be a costly exercise if you do it as a stand-alone project. If you submit your application for the City’s Priority Lead Pipe Replacement program you can arrange to have the public section replaced at the same time as you do your water service upgrade.

Benefit #3: Repairs to Water Leaks

Tiny water leaks represent more of a hazard to your home and family than you realize. They can cause:

  • Hidden water damage
  • Frozen pipes during winter
  • High levels of water consumption
  • Mildew and odors
  • Excessive water charges

Checking for leaks is part of the installation of a new meter, so it’s an additional benefit of getting a water service upgrade.

Benefit #4: Improved Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure, it could be related to corroded galvanized water pipes, small water leaks or blockages in the supply line. During a water service upgrade, most of these issues will be resolved, and you’ll enjoy the benefit of having a more powerful and consistent water supply.

Benefit #5: Everything Done to Code

Toronto’s building codes are very strict, and even though that wasn’t always the case homeowners are expected to ensure that everything in their home is according to code. If your existing water supply is old, there’s every chance it doesn’t comply with the current codes. This could cause you problems with your insurance claim in the event of a disaster, or even result in a fine from the city if it is discovered. After a water service upgrade, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully, secure in the knowledge that your plumbing is all entirely done to code.