Let’s face it – we’ve all ignored small water leaks at some point, either because of the time and effort or the cost involved in repairing them. It’s not wise to do so, however, because the associated risks can be more devastating than you’d expect. For homeowners in Toronto, plumbing repairs during warm weather are essential so that your home can function properly during the winter. Here are some of the dangers of ignoring what looks like a small leak:

Hidden Water Damage

When you have a flood, it’s easy to see – and attend to – the water damage. It’s not quite so easy to see the damage caused by minuscule quantities of moisture leaking from your pipes and seeping into the baseboards of your bathroom. This can cause mold to develop on the walls behind the bathroom tiles, which you won’t be aware of until the tiles start falling off. By that point, the entire wall probably needs to be replaced. Ditto the floors, and once it spreads outside the bathroom you may have to replace carpets or rotting hardwood– both very costly activities.

Frozen Pipes

Even if your pipes are insulated, a small water leak sends moisture into the insulation. This isn’t a problem during summer, but when cold weather hits this can freeze, which means it will no longer be able to protect that section of pipe. Without protection, all the water in a length of pipe could freeze and as the ice expands, it can crack or split a large section of the pipe. In Toronto, plumbing repairs may be impossible during very cold spells and you could face several days or weeks without the use of water in a particular outlet.

High Water Consumption

If you’ve ever placed a bucket under a leak to catch the drips, you’ll likely know just how fast it can fill up. According to the Drip Accumulator on the U.S. Geological Survey Website, three faucets leaking a drip per minute each uses 365 liters of water a year. That’s approximately 7 bathtubs of water wasted, which can add up to quite a bit of money if you’re paying it out for nothing. Not to mention the environmental impact – did you ever see the TV ad with the fish gasping in a rapidly diminishing latke while the person brushing their teeth runs the tap needlessly?

Adding to the Problem

A major risk of ignoring small leaks is one not many people consider: the cumulative effect of everyone who does so. Because Toronto plumbing repairs are often needed to address these types of leaks, we know just how often it happens. If 50% of leaks are ignored for a week longer than necessary, the quantity of fresh, potable water lost into the ground and drains is significant. So don’t be part of the problem – be part of the solution and get your water leaks fixed as soon as you notice them.

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