Everybody wants to enjoy the summer season in different ways, either spending some quality time with family or going on vacation. It is time to rest and take a break from your daily work, which can be a pleasure for everyone.

People are so busy enjoying the season that they forget about the ongoing home activity. It is common to have a housing problem, but you need to be extra careful during the summer, especially on drain issues. Do you ever think of your drain system? Is it doing well or not?

Suddenly one day out of nowhere, your drain system stops to work. You have no idea how does it happen? So here are some summer drain problems which you will face during the summer season:

Clogged Garbage disposal

clogged garbage disposal - ADP Toronto plumbing

After the party, you will have to deal with the food scraps, and you throw it away in the garbage disposal. Those scraps may affect the blade of disposal and, you will find the drain is not working properly.

Food scraps like watermelon rinds, corn, potato skins, bones don’t belong in the garbage disposal. Dirty grease from the grill will slow down the drainage system.

Tip: Always run cold water during the disposal process which will help to prevent blockage.

Blocked Toilet

blocked toilet

Summer is here, which means vacation. Many people love to spend time in the house. So, household toilets are used frequently, which means a greater chance of blocked toilet problems. 

The problem occurs when children flush too much toilet paper, food, and toys. Besides that, feminine products like Menstrual pads are big and will not dissolve easily. Parents with small children use the diaper, and sometimes they flush the diaper, which blocked the drainage system of the toilet. 

Tip: Use drain opening chemicals to soften or break down the material inside the toilet. In case it doesn’t, you need to call a professional plumber. So, ADP Toronto Plumbing will always there for you.

Basement Flood

basement flood

Some of the houses in the Toronto area are on the lakeside, and it is common to have rainfall in summer, which raises the water level. Sometimes, it occurs the flood which enters the basement of houses and blocks the drainage system. Until the water level drops, it will be difficult to clean the drainage system, which will be a matter of weeks.

Tips: Use the blocks of sand sacks around the houses, which will somehow block water. Do not build houses near to the lakes, and the important thing is to make a plan with neighbors about the problem and be prepared.

Swimming Pool Drain

swimming pool

People love the swimming pool to cool down the heat. Imagine having a pool party the next day, and your pool drainage is not working properly because of leaf, dead grass. 

Nobody likes to swim in a dirty pool, So make sure your children do not throw unnecessary stuff like chocolate plastic which will be clogged in the drain system and stop the filtering process.

Tip: Check your water filter once a week whether it’s working properly or not.

Sewer Backflow

sewer backflow

Leaving home for vacation and you might be thinking your house is in good condition, but it’s not. Sometimes, Toronto city needs to deal with the heavy rainfall, which raises the water level in the sewer. When the water rises, it backflow water in the houses from the sewer to your drainage system which will fill your basement. So installing a Backwater valve which is a device will prevent water from traveling back.

It requires an expert plumber to install the device because you need to find the connection between the sewer and your drain system in the basement.

Sometimes, the plumber installed the valve in the wrong place, which will not work. So, you need to call the professional plumber and always remember One Toronto Plumbing which can be your lifesaver.

Tip: Check your Backwater valve during the spring and fall.

Summer means a happy time and a good vacation. Spend endless summer with your family or friends without worrying about the house. Your house is on a good hand if you choose the right plumber for all your plumbing issues before going on a vacation.

Call one Toronto plumber to fix all your drain and plumbing issues before going on vacation; to make your summer holidays better with no issues of plumbing and drain while returning home. Hiring a professional is a great and wise decision to prevent your house from the disaster of drain and plumbing issues.