A kitchen remodel is a popular Spring activity. Not only does it boost the resale value of your home, but if you can get it done in time before the arrival of Summer you can enjoy all the benefits of the new layout and appliances when it heats up. The water installation is one of the most expensive aspects of a remodel. If all you’re doing is an upgrade to your cabinet facades and installing some new equipment, then you might not need a plumbing quote. However, if your project involves moving any of the existing water inlets or outlets, it’s best to find out early in the game what it’s going to cost.

Here are some of the tasks you might need to have done:

New Pipe Installation

New piping is required if you’re installing a feature you didn’t have previously. For example, a popular addition to many Toronto kitchens is a scullery area built on as an extension. This gets your dishwasher or unsightly washing up area out of the way, making room for more entertainment area or working space. If your new scullery is located at the rear of the kitchen it could be a fair distance from the existing installation. This could involve some excavation work as well, so your plumbing quote should cover all the different aspects of connecting water to the area.

Piping Upgrade

If you live in an older home and it’s the first time you’re doing renovations, it’s the ideal opportunity to upgrade your water pipes. Check with your local plumber if you still have the old galvanized piping, and get a professional inspection to determine whether any of your pipes are cracked or leaking. It’s heartbreaking to just finish putting in your brand new kitchen and then have to break open the drywall to repair problems inside the walls.

Moving Sink

Moving the sink area is common when you re-structure the layout of a kitchen. Modern kitchens often make use of sophisticated designs that require the new sink to be installed in another part of the room. If this is the case, you’ll want to do all the pipework before getting started on the aesthetic aspects of your redesign. Ask for a plumbing quote that includes all the different layouts you have in mind, so you can determine what the option will be before making a final decision.

Drain Relocation

Apart from checking to make sure your drains are healthy and in good repair, you may need to consider a drain relocation. If your kitchen remodel involves moving any of the existing water inlets or outlets, you could find it necessary to dig out a whole new drainage channel to connect the new outlets to the municipal system. Find out before you finalize your plans whether your ideas are feasible or not, to avoid disappointment during the process.

When you undertake a project such as kitchen remodels, it’s vital to get a plumbing quote from at least three different plumbers. Not only will this give you a choice of cost options, but they are likely to provide insights that will help you understand the viability of what you want to do.