Commercial plumbing repairs are often very different from residential repairs. For example, the size of the operation is usually larger, particularly when you’re looking at office buildings, hotels, and manufacturing facilities. The size doesn’t make the plumbing any less likely to give trouble, however, it just ensures that there’s more involved in fixing it. In addition, businesses are usually governed by stricter insurance and government regulations than the average home, and all plumbing work needs to be carried out according to Toronto’s municipal codes.

Here are 4 of the main reasons why businesses need plumbing repair services in the GTA:

#1: Drain Cleaning

Drains get blocked wherever they are, and business premises are no exception. In fact, the chances of blockages are higher because workers tend to be less aware of the maintenance and upkeep than a homeowner is. Often, plumbers are called out to a business for this problem and find coffee grinds, tea bags, and other debris has been allowed to get into the drainage system. Luckily, the majority of commercial premises have modern systems that enable the use of advanced drain cleaning equipment. With closed-circuit camera inspections and processes such as hydro-jetting, it’s possible to dislodge and clean almost any blockage.

#2: Utility Installations

Business premises often have lots of utility installations, such as:

  • Drinking fountains
  • Urinals and toilets
  • Employee shower facilities
  • Catering facilities (staff or public)

Anything that involves water supply, pipes, and drainage systems is certain to need commercial plumbing repairs at some point, and it’s best to ensure that the work is done correctly. This is important from both an insurance perspective as well as a liability one. For example, if a hot water heater malfunctions and an employee is burnt, your company may be facing legal action. In the event that the repairs were done by unqualified workers, your liability is likely to be more significant.

#3: Water Conservation

Environmental impact is on everyone’s lips at the moment, and Toronto is well-known for its green initiatives. If your business isn’t yet making the most of every opportunity to reduce your footprint, a review of your plumbing is a good place to start. There may be multiple ways you can conserve water without inconveniencing either your workers or your operations, and who knows—there might even be a tax rebate you’re eligible for!

#4: Maintenance Contracts

It’s always best to prevent plumbing problems than to try and fix them after the fact. Most businesses benefit from a maintenance contract that covers commercial plumbing repairs and servicing of equipment. The latter is particularly important in making sure everything functions as it should, and helping business owners avoid the headaches that come with unexpected and costly plumbing problems.

Don’t wait until you need repairs to start looking for a plumbing contractor who is knowledgeable about commercial installations. Do your homework in advance and make sure you know exactly who to call when you have an issue that could impact your profitability.