Finding qualified contractors is challenging for every homeowner. When you have an emergency of any description, it’s difficult to refrain from calling the first company listed that promises to resolve your problem. That’s not advisable when you’re dealing with plumbers, however, because often that’s how homeowners find themselves in more deep water (pun intended!) Here are some tips from the experts on how to find qualified, reputable plumbing companies in Toronto and avoid the risk of getting the wrong contractor.

Visit Company Websites

It’s easy to find lists of plumbers, but your first step in weeding out the good from the bad is to take a look at the websites of plumbing companies in Toronto. A reputable plumber is likely to ensure that the company website lists the services offered, details of the background and qualifications of the workers, and reliable contact information. In addition, many sites contain client testimonials that can help to give you a feel for the kind of feedback the company gets.

Check the Credentials

That’s not where your work ends, however:

  • Contact a few plumbing companies in Toronto at a time when you don’t have an emergency that needs attention.
  • Set up an appointment to meet with the plumber either at the company’s premises or your own to discuss your potential requirements.
  • At this meeting, ask for more information about the plumbers employed by the company and ascertain which plumbing schools in Toronto they attended.
  • To confirm that the company is licensed to operate, ask for the Toronto license number and then call the City at 416-392-6700 to verify it.
  • Ask for proof of the company’s liability insurance so you can rest assured that if they do work for you, you’re covered for any damages.

Get References

This step is often overlooked if the homeowner likes what he or she sees and feels comfortable with a prospective contractor. However, there may be plumbing companies in Toronto that aren’t as honorable as you’d like them to be, so your final step before choosing one is to get references. Most plumbers are proud to share the contact details of one or two customers that they know will provide good reports. Take the time to contact each reference personally and ask them about their experiences working with the plumber.

Schedule an Inspection

Once you’re certain that among all the plumbing companies in Toronto you’ve found the right contractor for your needs, schedule an inspection of your residential plumbing system. While it’s great to know who to call when something goes wrong, it’s even better if you can prevent any emergencies in the first place. When Mike Holmes sent his plumber to a home in the City’s Upper Beaches area, he recorded the reasons why these inspections are so important.