Every industry has its myths and legends, and plumbing is no different. Professional plumbers everywhere have their share of stories to tell, some of which are quite horrendous while others are downright comical. A Pennsylvania bathroom plumbing company took things a step further, however, by creating a pinboard on Pinterest where they post some of the situations that left them shaking their heads in disbelief.

Hot Water Hotbeds


(Image source: This Old House)

A plumber in Chapel Hill NC found what he describes as “a most unusual water heater installation,” which has the hot water heater mounted halfway between the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink and the crawl space. Then there’s the GA home inspector who discovered a bathroom fan vent duct connected to the gas water heater’s flue pipe that extracts gases from the home and gives the person showering a hefty dose of carbon monoxide in the process.

Piping Paradoxes


Image source: This Old House

Leaking pipes are one thing but leaving them until icicles form from pipe to floor is a bit much, says contractor Randy Sipe of Spring Hill KS. This photo of what can happen when you ignore small water leaks for long enough is self-explanatory.

One of the primary causes of leaking water pipes is bad connection. Inexperienced DIY-ers often try to link up their pipes themselves without sealing the joint, and this can lead to water leaks inside the walls and cabinets before you know it.

Toilet Trials


(Image source: Contractor Magazine)

Many a plumber has answered a call for a clogged toilet only to discover the culprit can be anything from a whole chicken (cooked) through to clumps of hair. The ultimate in toilet trials, however, has got to be the customer who experienced problems with the tank. When the bathroom plumbing contractor arrived, closer inspection revealed the reason to be frogs, living in the tank.

Crazy Connections


(Image Source: This Old House)

What do you do when your shower is down to a trickle and you just aren’t getting the water pressure you need? Connect an electric pump (not). That’s what this homeowner did under duress: he (or she) attached an electric pump to the showerhead and plugged it directly into the bathroom light fixture. Anything wrong with this scenario much? We think so. There are definitely better ways of resolving the problem than this one!

Our advice for homeowners is that unless you actually have plumbing experience, your best bet is to:

  1. Identify a reputable bathroom plumbing contractor in your area and save their contact details somewhere easy to access.
  2. Turn off your water at the mains when there’s a problem.
  3. Do an initial investigation so you can tell the plumber what is happening.
  4. Call and schedule an appointment to get an estimate for the plumbing repairs you need to be done.

Don’t think by taking “emergency” measures yourself you’re going to solve the problem and/or save money. You might end up with quite the opposite problem!