You just bought a new toilet. Now, it’s time to look at the installation process. Many homeowners try to save some money by installing their brand new toilet themselves or hiring an unqualified worker to do the job, but this often leads to disaster. Instead of taking the risk of potential breakages and improper installation, you should always hire a professional plumber to replace your toilet. Here are just a few reasons why you should go to the pros for toilet installation in Toronto.

1. Toilets are Expensive

The average toilet costs a few hundred dollars and the price can rapidly increase as you add on extra features. With something so expensive, it doesn’t make sense to have it installed by someone who doesn’t do it for a living. A professional can install any kind of toilet, even ones with strange new features that may require more than simply lining up the pipes.

2. Toilets are Heavy-yet-Fragile

Being made from ceramic, most toilets are broken during the installation process. Getting them into the bathroom, set up, and then installed requires both strength and finesse. It’s best to leave toilet installation to the experts because they have a lesser chance of breaking it. And if they do, they’ll be the ones to replace it.

3. Toilets are Complicated

Remember when refrigerators were just a freezer and a fridge? Now they’re connected to the internet and plumbed with ice machines and water dispensers. Even our most basic appliances are becoming more and more complicated, and that means they require people with more and more qualifications. Toilets are getting complicated, perhaps more inside than outside, but they do benefit from a professional installation. Since they may use more or less water and require different pressures than what your home may have, you’ll need the pros to make sure it works at its best from the very beginning.

4. You Probably Don’t Have the Right Tools

Think toilet installation involves a wrench and little else? Think again. Getting a toilet from the store to your bathroom involves plenty of specialized tools, equipment, and skills.

5. The Pros Will Do it Right the First Time

When you hire trained and experienced professionals, they get the work done faster than if you tried it on your own or hired an unqualified worker, and they will ensure everything is up to code.

6. The Pros will Finish Faster

Think about your job and the first little while that you were doing it. Chances are you are much better and much faster at certain tasks than you were back in those first few weeks. The same goes for toilet installation. The professionals, having done the work many times before, can have your toilet installed much faster than if you did it yourself, and with a lot less strain. So instead of spending a few hours or an entire weekend wrestling with your new toilet, hire the professionals and have the entire thing ready to go in just a few hours.

Hiring the pros is the fastest and most convenient way to get your toilet replaced or installed. Be sure to go with a professional plumber the next time you need a toilet or plumbing appliance installed in your home.