Every home, whether you’re in Scarborough or Vancouver, requires regular plumbing inspections. This simple, affordable service provided by licensed Scarborough plumbers can reveal a lot about your home’s plumbing, but it can also help you save money, experience better plumbing overall, and save you from plumbing surprises down the line. Here are just a few reasons why you will need a Scarborough plumbing inspection in your future.

1. You Haven’t had an Inspection in Some Time

In general, your Scarborough home needs a plumbing inspection every two to three years. Since plumbing is a delicate system with numerous moving and intricate parts, it needs regular inspections to ensure everything is working properly. Without regular plumbing inspections, you could experience small, hidden problems that will disrupt your everyday life. And, if you recently moved into your home, a plumbing inspection could reveal small fixes that could make your life a lot easier, such as problems with slow drainage, water temperature fluctuations, and frequent drain clogging. All of these problems and many more can be discovered and fixed with a simple plumbing inspection.

2. You’ve Experienced Drops in Water Pressure

Water pressure drops can occur for a number of reasons, including recent renovations and other problems that can happen to plumb systems over time. If you have experienced drops in water pressure recently, a plumbing inspection can discover the root of the issue. Then, your plumbing professional can recommend some solutions that match your needs and your budget, and you can experience regular water pressure in your kitchen, bathrooms, and elsewhere.

3. You Want to Save Money

Plumbing inspections are kind of like check-ups at the doctor, except for your home’s plumbing. Just like your body, your home can experience problems that you didn’t even know existed, including small issues that can later grow into bigger ones. So if you notice something strange it’s always best to get ahead of the problem and when that means hiring professionals to get the work done, less is always better.

Let’s put it this way: would you rather fix something small now or pay for water damage and fixing something big down the line? A Scarborough plumbing inspection can spot these small issues long before they become expensive problems, which is why it is always a better idea to have your plumbing inspected regularly.

So, how often will you need to have your Scarborough home’s plumbing inspected? Well, it depends on the situation, your home, and your future plans. In general, every two to three years will suffice, but different situations require different frequencies of inspections. It is always best to call in a professional and trained plumbing inspector to ensure that your home is in top working order. It will save you money in the long run, and ensure that you won’t be greeted with any expensive plumbing-related surprises.