Every so often, you’ll have to call a plumber who will go onto your roof to perform an inspection of your drainage system. When it comes to drainage systems, Toronto homeowners can call plumbers to help them replace their old roof drainage systems. You don’t have to worry about doing this work by yourself. In fact, only a well-qualified plumber should complete the replacement of your roof’s drainage system.

Why You Need Roof Drains

It rains and snows year-round in Toronto. When it gets hot, the materials on your roof expand and contract, causing small cracks and holes in the shingles and drainage system of your roof. When that next big storm hits, you may end up positioning buckets under a leak or two inside your home.

Roof drains take and sluice away the water running down your roof so it spills down to the ground via the downspout. If you have the right kind of drain, it will efficiently help the water to move from your roof to the ground. Returning to that potential leak, you need to have it located quickly so it can be repaired. Thermal imaging can help the plumber to isolate roof spots where water may have intruded inside your roof.

Inspect Your Roof Periodically

Before your roof develops leaks, you should make sure that it is regularly inspected. Yes, you’re busy and squeezing in even one more entry on the “honey-do” list isn’t a fun thought—but a preventable roof leak is even less fun.

For this reason, a plumber can complete the roof inspection for you. All you’ll have to do is call and set up the appointment. Allow him to inspect your roof, then discuss the best drainage systems Toronto plumbers are able to recommend and install on your roof.

Find a Drainage System that Reduces Chances of Leaks

Every homeowner wants to find the right plumber who will do the work they need correctly. You don’t want to have the work done, then realize you’re going to spend thousands of additional dollars to have the work redone. Toronto plumbers want to do the best job they can the first time so they maintain their good reputation.

Roof Drain Types

A Toronto plumber will determine what size roof drain your home requires. To work properly, the roof drains should be spaced right. Plumbers can calculate the average hourly rainfall rate where you live. He’ll choose the correct drain pipe size so it efficiently drains the roof. He has three types of roof drains from which to choose:

  • Green roof drains
  • Flat roof drains
  • Siphonic roof drains

Now that you know this information, it’s time for you to call a plumber and ask for an appointment to have your roof drains inspected before the next huge rain or snowstorm.

How a Plumber Can Help

The plumber you call should have the education, training, and experience to decide which roof drainage system you should have installed on your roof. This specialized contractor can show you the different drainage systems Toronto homeowners have chosen to have installed on their roofs. When you know that it’s time to replace your drainage system, a plumber from the Toronto area will discuss your needs with you.