As a thriving business metropolis, Toronto property owners are constantly under pressure to upgrade commercial premises to keep them viable for tenants. That results in the ongoing remodeling you can see taking place almost everywhere you look, as offices and retail spaces undergo regular renovations to remain competitive.

Generally, this type of project includes things like a commercial water service upgrade, new external facades, new paintwork, flooring, and finishes. Each of these has its own list of benefits and disadvantages:

External Facades

Commercial buildings in Toronto are generally soundly built, and few buildings erected since the 1950s need much in the way of repairs. Giving a building a new lease on life often defaults to giving it a new external façade, which could consist of painting the walls or installing cladding of some description. The options available include prefabricated panels, rain screens, and veneers such as the popular “cool brick.” This is a porous ceramic brick created on a 3D printer, which absorbs moisture to cool it as it passes through.

Water Services Upgrade

We’re much more conscious of hygiene these days than we were even 20 years ago, so whenever a building is renovated in Toronto it typically includes the installation of new plumbing. Even if the building isn’t particularly old, ablution facilities are subject to more wear and tear than other parts so they usually need attention earlier.

The installation or refurbishing of washrooms and staff change rooms is the ideal time to fit new pipes, check the drainage systems and buy new toilets, sinks, and hot water heaters. This results in the need for a commercial water services upgrade, to ensure the building has an efficient and sound water supply in place.

New Finishes

One of the most exciting aspects of any renovation project is the installation of new finishes. Ranging from an exquisite marble lobby floor through wooden panels for the elevator interiors, the choice of finishes can make any commercial building as good as new. Current trends in finishes for business environments include:

  • Low maintenance flooring such as screed, which is particularly popular for creative companies such as advertising agencies
  • Tinted windows that allow natural light to enter without creating a glare and helps cool the environment without the use of air conditioning. A study recently conducted among office workers shows that 80% have difficulty focusing on their work if the temperature is warmer than desired or the premises are too brightly lit.
  • Flooring trends include rectangular tiles, fascinating digital graphics and—oddly—a resurgence in the popularity of terrazzo.

New interior paintwork or other wall treatments are also important to bring an old building to life, particularly if there’s damage from previous flooding or water leaks. Once the commercial water upgrade service is complete, the building owner can go ahead with all the other aspects of the renovation.