Spring is finally here (well, almost) and with it comes the expectation of those famous April showers. Long before you can enjoy the May flowers, though, you’re likely to be dealing with flooded gardens and drenched downspouts. These 5 essential spring plumbing measures will help ensure you’re ready when the rains arrive, so schedule them while there’s still time.

Get an Inspection

A professional plumbing inspection isn’t something you need to do very often, but if you haven’t had one in a couple of years then this is a good time. Your local Toronto plumber will:

  • Check your pipes for cracks, leaks and rusting
  • Examine your basement for signs of damp or foundation damage
  • Use a camera to inspect your drains for blockages and debris
  • Test all your toilets to make sure they flush correctly

If any problems are uncovered, he (or she) will provide you with a written estimate to do any repairs needed, so you can plan your spring well in advance.

Flush the Drains

Flushing out your drains is a critical aspect of spring plumbing because often the big freeze during winter has caused a build-up of debris in the pipes. Even after it melts it may not become dislodged without help, and when the rain comes the resulting backup of water can be too much for the system. This can cause overflowing storm drains and backflow into your home—all of which can be prevented by flushing out the drains with boiling water and a small quantity of bleach.

Service All Your Equipment

If you have a basement flood prevention system in place, regular maintenance and servicing is an essential part of making sure it works correctly:

  • Your sump pump installation, backwater prevention valve, and backup alarm all need to be checked and maintained
  • Service plumbed-in appliances such as the dishwasher, laundry washer, and ice-making machine
  • Ensure that your water supply hoses to the equipment are in good condition, and replace any that show signs of wear and tear.
  • Flush out your hot water heater to clean it and optimize it for efficient operation, check the settings and have it turned down a little to save on energy bills during the warmer weather. 

Clean Out and Clean Up

Clean out fixtures and fittings such as your showerheads, ready for a fresh new season. Clean up garden debris in your yard that was left behind in the fall, to prevent it from washing into the storm drains. Empty your eavestroughs and downspouts of squirrels’ nests and other interesting items, before they become a hazard. Turn on your outdoor faucets and let the water run for a few minutes until you’ve purged any remaining ice in the pipes.

By doing these essential spring plumbing preparations you can have peace of mind for a problem-free season, and spend your time doing the things you enjoy instead of dealing with home-related problems.