A recent article from CBC News highlights the need for students to enter the plumbing trade, and the Canadian government’s attempts to encourage them to do so. This will help reduce the shortage of tradespeople plaguing most of our major cities and could improve the speed with which you’re able to find a Toronto plumbing service when you need one. Let’s take a look at what plumbers typically have to offer their clients:

Water Services

While many of the options on offer from plumbers in Toronto are reactive, the provision of water services is a proactive option. It usually includes the installation of water supply to new homes or commercial premises, or the upgrading of an old supply system to include new copper pipes, advanced valve technology, and additional outlets.

Upgrades to water services take place during renovations or when the client realizes that a range of issues can all be resolved by installing a new and improved service. Although this can be done by anyone with a reasonable knowledge of plumbing, by getting a Toronto plumbing service to do the work you can be sure everything is in compliance with the City’s strict building codes.

Drain Management

Just as the water coming into your home is important, it’s equally vital to remove wastewater efficiently and without any hiccups. That requires vigilant drain management, and once you have an established relationship with a Toronto plumbing service you can request regular camera inspection of your drains to make sure there are no problems heading your way.

If drains become blocked, they can cause backups of water that flow back into your home and cause flood damage. Floodwaters aren’t only inconvenient and messy but they can also be detrimental to your family’s health, so keeping your drains operating efficiently—and conducting drain repairs if necessary—is necessary for your wellbeing.


Occasionally, things go wrong and homeowners discover that they have water leaks – in ceilings, basements, foundations or randomly in pipes or drains. The method of waterproofing required depends on the location and severity of the problem and could include projects such as:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Pipe bursting and replacement
  • Backwater valve installation
  • Foundation repair
  • Sump pump installation

In some cases, to resolve the problem it may be necessary to do extensive excavation or building repairs, and the Toronto plumbing service you appoint will need to have the right skills and partners to be able to provide a complete service.

Emergency Resolution

When there’s an emergency such as the ice-storm of December 2013, every plumber in the City company can expect to be on standby to help home- and business owners deal with the crisis. The ice-storm left thousands of customers without running water and facilities, and almost six months later Toronto plumbing service companies are still busy handling the repairs and renovations it precipitated.

A city the magnitude of Toronto would be hard-pressed to manage without qualified plumbers, and a resolution to the shortage of skilled workers will help to ensure that we never have to do so.