If you’re thinking about renovating in the next year or so, then-current bathroom trends are likely to top of mind. Some of these would require upgrades and changes to your plumbing installation, while others are easier to implement. In most cases, however, you should consult with an experienced local plumber in Toronto before spending any money, to find out what the implications are for your budget. This will help you avoid traps such as:

  • planning and buying lots of fixtures and fittings, only to find that your water pressure is insufficient to support them
  • discovering you don’t have enough space for the items you want, or
  • you need a new drain built to handle the run-off.

We rounded up some of the most striking and surprising trends to give you inspiration.

Open-Plan Bathrooms

This is a trend that’s hitting home in the fashion capitals of the world, and they are particularly popular in hotel environments where it’s important to utilize space efficiently. It’s a follow-on from the idea of the open-plan living room/kitchen idea and integrates the bathroom with the bedroom in a free-flowing layout.

Some bathrooms are completely open, with the bathtub and the sink located right in the bedroom, while others are sequestered in a glass enclosure or behind a half-wall or screen. Before you throw your hands up in horror, you should know that the open layout typically doesn’t include the toilet, which has it’s own cubicle elsewhere in the home.

Tiny Bathrooms

As modern life catches up with the best of us, space is at a premium and tiny bathrooms—like tiny homes—are enjoying a stint of popularity. Sure, the idea of “tiny” is somewhat subjective and varies from one person to the next. In the context of tiny homes, however (which includes some of Toronto’s new condo apartments that are around 22 square feet in total) it takes on a new meaning.

Tricks for achieving a fully functional bathroom in a small space include locating the sink inside a corner of the shower and installing creative storage solutions. The main challenge with remodeling these bathrooms is finding space to hide the water installation, which by its nature doesn’t have a “tiny” version.

Toilet Talk

If you’ve ever tried living in a home with a shortage of toilets, you’ll know how awkward it can be. If your bathroom and toilet occupy a single space, there are bound to be conflicts over the use of the room, particularly during whatever time is “rush hour” in the home. After seeing your family queue to use the available facilities, you might want to consider upgrading your toilet plumbing installation by adding another one—or maybe two—toilets to your options. Adding a second toilet has been a major trend in plumbing in Toronto for several years now, helped by the City’s focus on installing low-flush units.

These trends in bathroom design might not be right for you, but there are others that could be just the light-bulb moment you’ve been waiting for. So check out your options thoroughly and then get input from your local plumber in Toronto before making a final decision.