Homeownership is like a car; if you overlook one thing, something else goes wrong. Your garden can cause a number of issues that impact your Toronto home, particularly the plumbing. How’s that, you ask? The garden is outdoors and the plumbing is mostly indoors. That’s just it – mostly, not all. Your plumbing infrastructure begins and ends outdoors, sometimes underground and other times above ground, and what you do—or don’t—in the garden can have a significant impact on plumbing problems.

Here are some tips for garden maintenance that will help to reduce the cost of plumbing repairs down the line.

Keep the Lawn Tidy

Maintaining a well-trimmed lawn is your number one solution for reducing weeds and preventing each mowing session from becoming a nightmare of cleaning up to be done. Grass cuttings cause multiple plumbing problems it they get into your drainage system, partly because they tend to build up in hard-to-reach corners and rot. All it takes is a week without rain and they can form hard, dried out plugs that clog up your drains, cause damage to the pipes and result in backed-up sewers and basement flooding.

Trim Hedges and Shrubs

Keeping your trees, hedges, and shrubs trimmed regularly by professionals such as this company that provides Toronto and Durham hedge services helps to control the roots, which can cause endless plumbing problems if they start to get out of hand. Attracted by the moisture close by, roots can grow through the wall of sewer systems causing broken pipes and blockages that require costly plumbing repairs. Seasonal pruning also ensures that you’ll have a splendid array of leaves and flowers the following year.

Remove Debris

Garden debris is a nuisance to every homeowner, and it’s best to have it removed as soon as possible. Allowing it to pile up in a corner of your garden can result in a heavy, damp pile of fertilizer in a place where you don’t want to actually grow anything. If this happens to be anywhere near your sewer connection, your Toronto plumbers will need to dig right through it to get to the source of the problem if one develops. This could cost substantially more in labor, whether the plumber does it himself or brings in workers to do it.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to ongoing garden maintenance, schedule a drain camera inspection of your property at least once each year. This will help you to identify plumbing problems before they arise, and the cost of any repairs is likely to be far less than the cost of repairing damage once it happens. Keep both your garden and home in tip-top shape with regular attention and you’ll be able to avoid the heartache that goes with having your home flooded during inclement weather.