The cost of plumbing repairs in Toronto can differ substantially from costs in places such as Barrie, Oakville, and Pickering. It’s not always a rip-off, however; we’ve listed several ways to get a fair price on any plumbing work you need to be done in the GTA.

Establish a Relationship

The best way to ensure you get good service at a reasonable price is to establish a relationship with a plumbing contractor in Toronto. You get to know the business owner and the team and they get to know you—your address, your plumbing challenges, and your priorities. This saves you lots of hassle when you need work done because you no longer have to spend time calling around to find a contractor that services your area, just to get a plumbing estimate. If you’re a valuable client to have the company will want to keep you, so they’re likely to put their best foot forward in terms of customer service.

Get Referrals

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have an already-established relationship with a plumbing company, the best way to ensure fair treatment is to work on a referral from someone you know personally. Ask family and friends for the contact info of plumbers they have used, and get feedback on the company’s performance and reliability. When you contact the plumber, mention who referred you so they know that the person is satisfied with their service and that if you aren’t happy you’re likely to report back to the referrer.

Do Research

These days, 79% of consumers check online before purchasing a product or service. Even if you are referred to a plumbing contractor in Toronto, it does no harm to check the company out before you sign them up, especially if the work required is a big-budget amount. Search by company name and look for customer reviews on sites such as:

  • Google+
  • Yelp
  • HomeStars
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Keep in mind that often the bulk of reviews come from unhappy clients, so don’t be concerned if there are few positive reviews. Read the negative ones carefully to see if they have a point worth noting. Also check to see if the company responds to any of the posts, and what they say. This will give you an indication of the service you can expect from them.

Make a List

If your plumbing problem is a minor one, you can probably skip this step. If you’re embarking on a major project, however, or the repairs required are extensive, make a list of the items to ask and call your plumber of choice beforehand. You likely won’t get an estimate until the plumber has a chance to take a look at the site, but it pays to be as thorough as possible in your first conversation to avoid misunderstandings later.

Run through the list of items you need done and then schedule an appointment for the plumber to view the problem. Remember to ask if the site visit is free, even if you don’t accept his estimate. Keep your list handy to use during the visit, in case the plumber forgets his notes and needs to be reminded of some things.

Get an Estimate

Make sure you or someone responsible is home when the plumber calls. If you can’t make it, rather reschedule than let him view the problem and have a less-than-accurate discussion with your teen son. Once you receive the plumber’s estimate, check to see that it covers everything on your list and nothing has been accidentally excluded. This will help you and the contractor to stick to the price quoted and avoid unexpected changes in scope.