Toilets: they are one of man’s greatest inventions, taking our unwanted waste and disposing of it with minimal thought and effort on our part. They aren’t exactly the hottest topic though unless they are clogged and giving you problems. This means only a select few people think about toilets regularly, along lines such as: “how can we make them better?” and “What kind of thing can we do to them to make them different?”

There are a ton of different types of toilets out there, however, all varying in design both in appearance and function. But this isn’t Japan, where the toilets are something straight out of a science-fiction novel, instead, you’re here looking into industrial plumbing in Toronto. What kind of toilets do industrial sites like factories and mines use? The most common type of toilet that is used industrially is the tankless toilet.

How A Tankless Toilet Works

A tankless toilet doesn’t require a tank of water to clear out its bowl. On the contrary, it gets water directly from the supply line with a high enough pressure that in a single flush it can carry the waste out and through the drainage system. When the toilet is flushed, it opens a valve which then allows a predetermined amount of water to discharge. Most residential toilets require a tank because the water pressure isn’t high enough, but in commercial buildings, high water pressure is easier to achieve. The majority of toilets in use for commercial and industrial plumbing in Toronto are going to be tankless in the near future, and for good reason.

Advantages of Tankless Toilets

Here are some of the benefits of installing tankless toilets in commercial and industrial sites:

  1. They use less water
  2. Limits “user error”
  3. Helps prevent the spread of germs
  4. Smaller than other types of toilets
  5. Plumbing can be set up to come through the wall or the floor
  6. The bowl refills quicker which is good if lots of people are needing the washrooms

Preventing the spread of germs is the primary reason for tankless toilets. When you have several hundred people in and out of a public washroom every day, the potential for spreading nasty germs exponentially increases.

When it comes to your needs for industrial plumbing in Toronto, tankless toilets can be the best thing to happen to you. They are easy to maintain, simple to use and can be very cost-effective. Understanding how tankless toilets work and how they can benefit you is the first step in making sure your plumbing needs are being met. Research the different types of tankless toilets. Talk to your plumber about what would be best for your commercial space. There are a lot of options out there, you just need to know how to navigate the pipes!