Are you one of those Toronto homeowners whose home drain systems are clogged or giving off noxious odours even after you have poured a drain cleaner into the drains? While commercial drain cleaners are an inexpensive solution, they don’t always remove every big of the clog. In addition, they may be so corrosive that they cause damage to the pipes underneath the house. Another solution is to run a plumber’s snake through the clog, but that only pushes a small hole through the blockage.

Explaining Hydro Jetting

Your plumbing contractor will insert high-power water jets into the affected drains, then release a high-velocity jet of water into the system, breaking up the blockage. Before hydro-jetting a drain, most plumbers visually inspect the drain using a tiny camera.

If a tree’s root has grown into the pipe that is being inspected, it should be dealt with before the hydro jetting procedure is used. That tree root may have broken the pipe, which will now need to be replaced.

Once a visual inspection has been completed, the hydro jetting procedure can break up and remove the blockage. Before the procedure is completed, the plumber should inspect the pipe again to ensure that everything that clogged the pipe is now removed.

Why Hydro Jetting is Necessary

Over time, the pipes in and under your house get filled up with hair, grease, bits of food and other objectionable substances. The interior of the pipe grows smaller and smaller over time. You’ll notice that it takes longer for the drains to empty in your home—this includes your shower/tub, bathroom sinks and kitchen sink.

Drain cleaning by hydro jetting is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of dealing with these inevitable blockages. This isn’t a weekend job you can do on your own. Instead, call a plumber in the Toronto area and ask them to provide a written estimate for the drain cleaning job you need done.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Once the plumber has inspected the problem pipe in your house, he will blast a high velocity jet of water through that pipe, forcing the clog to break up and exit the pipe.

Even the most stubborn blockage will be removed because the force of the water is so powerful. During the hydro jetting procedure, wastewater that is backing up in your drains will be sent to the wastewater treatment system (which is where it should be going!).

What Hydro Jetting Does to Improve Your Home’s Drains

Once the blocked pipes in your home have gone through a drain cleaning process, you’ll see some immediate benefits. These include:

  • Less odour. Bacteria build up in the material that gets caught in your home’s pipes. Over time, it begins to give off a highly offensive smell and can actually cause a health hazard for your family.
  • Sinks and shower empty faster. With no blockage in the pipes, water empties out of your shower and sinks more rapidly.
  • Money savings: You’ll save money on twice-yearly drain cleaning. Your pipes will stay clean for years after a plumber has completed a hydro jetting procedure. You won’t have to budget money for maintenance cleanings for several years to come.

Hydro jetting might sound like a fancy solution to a basic problem, but in fact it’s growing in popularity due to the efficiency of the process.