Blocked sewer lines can happen to anyone, anytime. And when they do, it’s difficult to know what could have caused them without opening up the drains, which can be a messy and expensive process. To avoid the need to call out a plumber to perform drain repair in Etobicoke, you can keep an eye on the factors that cause blockages and hopefully prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here are some typical causes of blocked sewer lines in Etobicoke:

Damaged Pipes

Drain pipes can sustain a number of different types of damage, including:

  • Cracking, caused by expansion and contraction of the pipes due to temperature changes during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Corrosion, due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or the presence of corrosives in the soil. This causes residues to stick to the interior of the pipes and build-up, resulting in blockages
  • Collapse or offset, which can be a result of improper original installation, shifting and settling of soil or the vibration from road construction

How to avoid this: Have a professional drain camera inspection every year or two to check the condition of your pipe interiors. Get any problems attended to as early as possible, to avoid the expense involved in a major drain repair in Etobicoke.

Clogged or Plugged Lines

Most household drains run out into the sewer, and a build-up of grease or blockage caused by a foreign object in the pipes can limit or stop the flow of sewer waste. By the time you discover the problem, it’s usually too late to escape expensive repairs. Your best bet for managing blocked drains is to take steps to ensure your household members are educated about what can go down a drain and what can’t.

How to avoid this: Run boiling water through your kitchen and bathroom drains once a month. This won’t harm the pipes but can help to dislodge any minor blockages and melt grease and residue accumulations.

Tree Roots

One of the drawbacks of living in a garden city is the issue of drain repair in Etobicoke. With the city’s skyline dominated by treed suburbs, residents have an ongoing problem with tree roots causing blockages. Roots are drawn to household drains and sewer lines because of the ready availability of moisture, and hairline cracks can cause the roots to penetrate the pipes to reach it.

How to avoid this: Get your plumber to help you map out the route of your drainage system. Check the trees growing within 12 feet of the pipes and identify how big they are likely to grow. Move to another location any trees that present a threat to your drains and replace them with smaller, slow-growing trees with matching root systems.

By taking steps to avoid these common problems, you’ll fork out less for drain repair in Etobicoke than you might otherwise have to pay. And you’ll save yourself the headaches involved in excavating your garden and drive, too.