It’s a sure bet that you don’t want the next round of heavy rain in Toronto to cause flooding in your home’s basement. Think about it: You walk downstairs. . . into a pool! You could always visit the home supply store and pick up a sump pump, pay for a warranty and install it yourself. Then, prepare for. . . more flooding. Call in a professional plumber instead, who will complete your sump pump installation correctly.

#1: Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Toronto plumbers can determine what kind of sump pump and pit your home needs. They’ve been educated and trained in this, where you may be relying on instructions from the Internet. Three guesses who’ll get the job done correctly.

Trust your sump pump installation to someone who knows where to get the right equipment for your home’s needs. When that next round of storm hits, you’ll be sitting comfortably in your living room, knowing that your basement won’t flood.

#2: They Know How to Do the Job Correctly

Sure, you’re positive you can do the job right! After all, you watched all those YouTube videos and you can whip this job out with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. Cool confidence. Do those videos tell you how deep you’ll have to dig your sump pit? Did they instruct you about buying a pump that’s the right size for the pit and why this is so important? It’s not very likely. Instead, those videos probably showed the steps of installing the pump itself, leaving you with some gaps in your knowledge.

Next, do you know how to make sure your newly installed pump is working right? Do you know to check it before all that rain starts to fall? How about the backflow prevention valve or the valve alarm? Are they set and functioning as they should be?

#3: A Professional Can Size the Sump Pit and Pump Correctly

It’s time to talk about how a professional can complete your home’s sump pump installation by ensuring that the pit and pump are sized correctly. “Oh, but the salesperson told me that the pump size really doesn’t matter.” Really? Well, that salesperson doesn’t live in your house. You do.

If the pump you choose is too big for the pit, it’ll remove water faster than the water fills te pit. When this happens, the pump shuts off and on and burns out. If the pit is too small, the pump may run continuously, even when it doesn’t need to.

Don’t forget about having a backup battery installed. After all, when flooding happens, power outages aren’t far behind. Check your battery and look for corrosion buildup on the connection areas. This way, you’re ready for storms and flooding.

#4: The Professional Will Build a Well-Sealed System

Finally, make sure your sump pump has been sealed off with a lid. If not. . . you’ll be looking at the “Well, the pit is full of dirt and other junk. Will the pump work?” scenario.

As the pit fills, the pump won’t be able to remove the water very efficiently, especially if sewage begins to come in. Guess who will be responsible for the costs of removal? It certainly won’t be the city of Toronto.

In short, the cost of professional installation and maintenance of a sump pump is a wise investment.