Whether you’re selling your home or just making improvements that you and your family can enjoy, don’t overlook the bathroom or even having a new powder room installed. Doing so increases the resale value of your home by around 50% of your expenditure. If you opt for installing a new powder room, however, remember you’re going to have to upgrade your water service. As you do so, this might be a good time to upgrade your water pipes.

Under-Floor Heating

Face it, Toronto can get really cold in the winter months! Stepping onto a bare tiled floor in December, January and even February isn’t something you enjoy thinking about, much less doing. Choose radiant under-floor heating as one of the upgrades for that powder room or bathroom and this will be one of the most popular rooms in your home. As you consider water installation upgrades, think about increasing the comfort of your home.

Once you have done so, it’ll be easier to get ready to take a bath or shower—and it will definitely be easier to get out of the tub or shower when you’re done. Budget the funds you’ll need to pay for this particular upgrade.

Using an Under-used Space

A new powder room won’t need to take up very much space—you’ll only need to commit about 11 to 16 square feet to do so. A water installation in this new room will be necessary.

If your home is a two-story, look at that space just beneath the stairs. This is likely to be unused space. You don’t need much room to add pipes and the necessary plumbing for a new sink and toilet. Choosing a wall-mounted sink allows you to stand close to the sink without smashing your toes against the base of a floor-mounted sink.

Adding Timeless Bathroom Styles

Some interior design styles are so trendy and “flash-in-the-pan” that they date themselves almost right away. If you are planning to sell your home, stay away from these design ideas, because potential buyers won’t choose your home once they see a dated bathroom.

If your house is designed in a classic style and you choose to upgrade your bathroom using dramatic colors and fixtures, it’s obviously going to stand out as “different.”

For this reason, study design magazines and watch home upgrade television shows to figure out which trends are more likely to last. Choose one of these and others will agree with you.

Adding a New (Needed) Toilet

“Hurry up in there! I need to shower/comb my hair/put on my makeup!” If your home has only one bathroom, you live this scene out every morning, much like Bill Murray relives a day in his life in “Groundhog Day.”

If you remodel one of the smaller spaces into your home, creating a new powder room, you’ll relieve much of the “morning gridlock.” Don’t forget about the new water installation in this room.

Increase Storage Space In the Bathroom

It’s not always going to be easy to devote a large amount of space to a new bathroom. While you and your family will appreciate the extra space when more than one member needs the bathroom, you may be worried about storing toiletries and bathroom linens.

As you decide on decoration and storage options, choose those that save space. These include:

  • Hidden medicine chest
  • Ladder towel racks
  • Vanity counter that folds out of the way

As you can see, a new powder room or an upgraded bathroom can add value to your home. What you may not have known before is that this new room doesn’t have to take up lots of space.