A faulty drain installation can cause unspeakable amounts of frustration and damage. If your drain is incorrectly installed, you can have water leaking in some very inconvenient places and sustain a fair amount of damage. In addition, you could also end up with a ridiculously high water bill! There are different ways to investigate a faulty drain installation. Some methods are new and take advantage of modern-day technology, while others have been used for hundreds of years!

CCTV Drain Survey

A drain survey is an excellent way to identify problems, but it can be costly so it’s not the first measure you should take. That being said—it’s very successful, so if you find yourself having reoccurring problems in a specific section of a drain, such as ingrowing tree roots and broken pipes, you can talk to your plumber about doing a survey. It will help you get the full extent of the damage if there is any, and what might be the best way to go about fixing it.

Water Analysis

Water analysis is a simpler tool that you can use to investigate the entry of water to cellars and basements. It will help you figure out if the water you’re dealing with is foul water, potable water or ground/stormwater. The reason this matter is it can identify where the problem is occurring so that you can concentrate your efforts in that area. Even if the results don’t identify exactly what kind of water it is, it can at least narrow it down a little more.

Water/Air Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is another viable way to investigate problems in your drains using water or air pressure. The average water test involves setting up a bung at one end of a line, then filling the upstream section with water and measuring the water levels from inside an upstream manhole.

A pressure test is similar. A bung is still installed at each end of a run and air is pumped through a line connected to a gauge with a small amount of water sitting in a U-bend. While the pressure builds, the water slowly rises and holds in position if the system does not leak.

Drain Camera Inspection

A drain camera inspection is one of the best ways of figuring out if there is a problem in a drain or not. This eliminates any chance of problems being hidden or tucked away where you can’t see. It’s the perfect solution for defects that can lead to blockages like root ingress, misaligned pipework and simply testing old and new drainage systems.

There are dozens of reasons to investigate the drain system in a home. You might be experiencing issues or looking to buy a house and want to make sure there aren’t any problems. It’s important to know if the drain system runs clearly before purchasing a home or before the wet season begins. Some of these methods are super easy and can be done yourself, while others will require you to call your plumber. A faulty drain system will cause you headaches time and again if the cause isn’t identified right away. It’s a good idea to regularly check up on your drains, and that way you can avoid a small problem turning into a giant one.