A rose by any other name.. whether you call it a French drain, a weeping tile or any one of the several other names for it, this is one of the most versatile designs invented for drains. Made popular in 1859 in Concord, Massachusetts and named after Henry Flagg French, the basic French drain is a ditch filled with medium-sized stones that contains a perforated pipe that redirects water away from where it isn’t wanted. The water drains through the stones into the pipe, which carries it away to the designated run-off. In the past, the stones also eliminated the hazard of an open hole and the danger it presented to people and animals. But what are the main reasons for this type of drain installation in Toronto homes?

Reason #1: Prevent Foundation Seepage

Keeping water out of your foundations is a critical function of drain installation in Toronto homes. If you live in an area with a high water table or that is prone to basement flooding, the installation of a French drain outside your external walls can prevent the entry of water into the foundations. Water seepage is one of the primary causes of foundation leaks, which can destabilize your home, cause cracks in the foundation and result in flooded basements and significant damage to property and possessions.

Reason #2: Redistribution of Water

French drain installation is also useful for redistributing water from low-lying areas and downspouts. Both of these areas are prone to pooling water, particularly after heavy rains. Once the water builds up and stands for any length of time, seepage and flooding happen more easily. This is not just detrimental to your property but can affect neighboring properties too, particularly if the homes are located close together.

Reason #3: Relief of Ground Water Pressure

When groundwater builds up as a result of heavy rainfall, melting snow or excess run-off from anywhere, the earth becomes saturated and the water table rises. This causes upward pressure from the water against the floors of your home, which can cause the water to well up inside the house or force its way into your wastewater pipes. If you have a retaining wall, the pressure of the water behind it can cause it to crack and even collapse. French drain installation in Toronto homes alleviates the pressure and enables the water to run off through the drain to the municipal sewer or another safe outlet.

Reason #4: Draining Water From Wall Cracks

Cracks in basement and ground-level walls can allow water to enter, both in the form of rainfall as well as condensation during the humid summer months. With French drain installation in Toronto homes, the water can escape from the wall cracks into the drain and be redirected away from the house. Walls made from concrete blocks also collect water in the cavities, and the French drain provides an outlet for the water to drain away.

If you experience any form of basement flooding, foundation water seepage or overflowing sewers, a French drain installation may be the answer. Contact your local plumbers in Toronto for a consultation and estimate on the work.