Have you ever sat in the dentist’s chair and wondered what happens to the wastewater that goes down the drain? Most commercial plumbing is done by professionals, but in the case of medical and dental practices, it’s even more critical. There’s no point in the clinic itself looking spotlessly clean and germ-free if it’s unsanitary below the surface, and medical practitioners know that. In addition, Toronto Water has strict requirements for dental clinics to follow. Here are four reasons why dental clinics use professional commercial plumbers in Toronto to ensure their compliance with the law:

Reason #1: Complex Pipe and Drain Installations

A dental clinic needs more water supply lines and drain outlets than most other medical suites because dentists work with water on a regular basis. When plumbers in Toronto provide estimates for dental clinics, the specifications are precise and if the suite is on an upper level in a commercial building, the plumbing installation may need to be located on the floor of the premises. This may mean the works need to be done during the night if there are commercial tenants in the rooms below.

Reason #2: Pathogens are Everywhere

  • Dentists regularly flush away water contaminated with various bodily fluids, which could contain pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Water plays an enormous role in cleansing when you undergo any type of dental treatment, from rinsing out your mouth to washing off braces, dentures and other appliances used for patients.
  • Often, the water contains microscopic contaminants resulting from food particles, plaque, and tartar that the dentist removes from your mouth during cleaning.

Reason #3: Dental Amalgam Separators are Essential

According to the municipal code for sewers, which governs many of the activities of commercial plumbers in Toronto, any clinic that generates dental amalgam and connects to the City’s sewers must install an amalgam separator in its piping system. This ensures that the toxic chemicals and metals associated with dental work don’t enter the sewer system and pollute the groundwater. Dental clinics have been proven to generate between 8 and 14% of the mercury in municipal sewer systems. Any dentist who doesn’t comply faces hefty fines, so it’s in their interest to have their plumbing professionally installed.

Reason #4: Backflow Prevention Devices are Mandatory

The water effluent from dental clinics can carry blood-borne viruses such as:

  • Hepatitis B and C

These diseases can infect the general public if they are exposed to them. By installing a backflow prevention device, the plumbers in Toronto dental clinics ensure that the effluent doesn’t back up into the clinic’s systems and contaminate the facilities and equipment. Imagine using the dentist’s sink to rinse your mouth without realizing that it contains harmful bacteria!

Next time you’re at the dentist, take a look around and think of how much expertise goes into installing their plumbing and you’ll realize why commercial plumbers in Toronto need specialist training to do this. If you or anyone you know has any commercial plumbing requirements, contact us for advice and a free estimate.

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