One of the scariest things that can happen to a homeowner is heading down the stairs and discovering a wet basement. Toronto residents are, unfortunately, encountering this problem more and more frequently. Between the ice storms, heavy rains, high winds, and rapid snow melting, homes in Toronto have been working overtime trying to stay dry. If you have a wet basement, here are the three people you need to call to get the right help as soon as possible. Calling these people right away could help you mitigate the water damage and prevent flooding in the future.

 Call the Plumbers and Flood Experts

Wet basements usually occur from flooding, which generally happens in times of heavy flooding or warm weather and snow melting. The floods from this kind of weather are rarely like what you see in the movies. There’s no wave of water gushing through the windows. It’s usually not very noticeable: a small stream from a window or seeping in from an unknown source.

If your basement’s wet, there’s no telling if the problem is still occurring or what caused it. You need to call in a professional Toronto basement waterproofing contractor to help stop the flow of water and locate the problem. Without getting the right help immediately, you could end up with more water damage and experience flooding soon after. With professional help, though, all of this can be mitigated or avoided entirely.

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company often requires that you contact them within a certain timeframe after the discovery of the problem. If you don’t call within that window, your claim could be for a lot less money.

But before you call your insurance company, be sure to adjust your insurance policy for flood protection. Residents all over Ontario are only now discovering how little their homes could be covered in the case of floods. Sometimes that damage from severe flooding can reach to over six figures, while some plans will only cover damages up to $10,000. If you live in a particularly flood-prone area, you may want to adjust your policy to cover you more in the case of flooding.

Get the Basement Waterproofing Experts

Once your insurance company has come by and the plumbers and flooding people have stopped the water, it’s time to call the basement waterproofing experts. Flooding protection plans can be simple or complex, depending on your home, its location, and your lot, so you need expert advice to come up with a tangible and effective solution.

When you call basement waterproofing experts, you get professional advice on what to do to prevent future flooding and get the job done by people with the proper certification.

There’s nothing worse than walking down the stairs and discovering a wet basement. Toronto residents know all about the costs associated with flooding, but often don’t know who to call when it happens. The people you need to call are a plumber and flood expert and your insurance company. Then, call in basement waterproofing experts to protect your home from future flooding.