In 2013, an ice storm hit the Greater Toronto Area that was unlike anything seen in the previous years. Power in some parts of the city was out for over a week, leaving people stranded and desperate for warmth, clean clothes, and a simple hot shower. Homes were flooded with water because of the storm thanks to the temperature rising and falling above the freezing point, but thanks to the efforts of many city officials and individuals, the storm passed and life returned to normal. That is until spring hit.

Leslieville Hit By Floods Multiple Times

Many Toronto residents, including those in the Leslieville neighborhood, experienced a new wave of flooding as the spring thaw came. Homes that had been hit with floods from the storm were hit a second time, and many homeowners fell into debt as a result of multiple floods within just a few short months. When it was all said and done, many homeowners were unsure what to do to protect themselves in the future.

Thankfully, the modern Toronto homeowner has many options available to them to protect their homes from flooding, especially basement flooding. One such option is a simple-yet-miraculous device called a backwater valve. This device helps save thousands of homes every year from potential flooding and a Leslieville plumber can help you install just such a device.

A Simple Mechanical Device

At its essence, a backwater valve is a mechanical cap, one that snaps shut when water or fluids start flowing the incorrect way through a pipe. In the case of most Leslieville homes, the backwater valve connects the main drain to the City’s water supply. Since the water supply can become overburdened at times of heavy precipitation, runoff, or during major weather events like ice storms, water can often flow back towards homes. This is when a backwater valve in your home activates, closing off your drain and preventing water from re-entering your home.

Backwater Valve Can Prevent Leslieville Home’s From Flooding

Backwater valves are absolutely mandatory in many homes around Toronto. You can visit their website for more details and discover if your home specifically requires a backwater valve, but even if it is not required, a backwater valve is still highly recommended for all homes. Both inexpensive and long-lasting, it can often act as the last line of defense against potential basement flooding.

Additionally, the City of Toronto has numerous rebates available to Leslieville homeowners that can offset the cost of installation and purchase of a backwater valve. The program has a limited amount of money, so it is important to have your home inspected for a backwater valve as soon as possible. Especially with the new year just around the corner, having an inspection for your backwater valve should happen sooner rather than later.

Call A Leslieville Plumber For Details

While not always mandatory, a Leslieville backwater valve is an important part of flood protection. If you are unsure if your home has a backwater valve, or haven’t had your backwater valve inspected in some time, be sure to call professional and certified plumbing professionals. They can ensure that your home is ready for whatever weather comes, this year and well into the future.