Toronto has thousands of plumbers and thousands more claiming to be plumbers, which means finding the right plumber can be very difficult. Harder still is finding a plumber that you can trust. Many people in the area, have used the following tips to find plumbers Toronto residents trust. They each can help you discover a plumber that can do what you need and keep your home up to code.

Head to the Phonebook

That’s right, the good old fashioned phonebook may still be the easiest and most reliable way to find a quality plumber. Even though most people are heading online to find plumbers in Toronto, the best bet may actually still be the classic phonebook. The reasoning is simple: many business phonebooks have a vetting process and cost money for those listing their numbers. This puts a barrier up that many handymen and unqualified people can’t overcome, which means most people who say they’re plumbers in phonebooks are actually fully trained and certified plumbers. Conversely, you can create a site that claims you’re a plumber without any of it being true.

Look Online

As mentioned above, heading online to find a plumber to fix your clogged drain can be tricky since many people can claim to be one thing and then actually be something else. When you’re heading online, be sure to thoroughly inspect any site you come across. Look that it’s been professionally-designed, offers multiple ways of contact, and is properly insured. Avoid job posting sites as well, which attract less-than-honest workers who won’t do the job right.

Ask Around

Word of mouth is still the most powerful kind of advertising available, which makes asking your friends a great idea. If you’ve been to someone’s home recently and they mentioned having a great plumber, that’s amazing, but unless they just had a basement flood and installed a backwater valve, these aren’t usually topics of natural conversation, so ask around. Start with people you know that have had recent renovations, then start asking people you trust for recommendations.

Find Some Reviews

No matter how you end up finding a trusted Toronto plumber, you need to figure out what people are saying about them. The best, and most hazardous, way to see what people think is to head online and read some reviews. Naturally, you’ll have to take what’s said with a grain of salt, but pay careful attention to frequent kinds of companies, like poor service or not getting it done right the first time. Look at positive reviews as well, which are just as important. Looking online can help you get a general sense of a plumber’s skill and satisfaction level, which is key for quality plumbing services.

To find plumbers Toronto residents trust, you have to attack the problem from multiple angles. This means thinking about everything from how you find them to what to look for. When looking for a plumber, be sure to be thorough to ensure you find someone who’s qualified and trustworthy.