Meet Lorne Figley. He is a plumber and, as of this year, the world’s oldest plumber. At 92, his long career was given an official distinction by the Guinness Book of World Records, who sent him a certificate and put him in their record books.

Lorne Figley has officially been running Broadway Plumbing in Saskatoon for 65 years, the usual age it takes someone to be born, live most of their lives, and enter retirement. Bu for Lorne, retirement isn’t even in the horizon. In fact, he recently told reporters that he hopes to work until he dies, preferably with a wrench in his hand.

In honour of his achievement, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has created a new award for their students that will bear Figley’s name, which will be awarded to “an apprenticeship student who receives the highest marks on his or her journeyperson exam for a trade of his choosing.” The award was announced at a special ceremony held at the school in honour of Figley and his long career.

As the world’s oldest plumber, he also has some advice to tell those who are thinking about becoming plumbers in the future. Speaking to Global News, Figley recommends “someone with strong math skills and problem solving ability.” He also says that plumbing is a great career with lots of stability. “Plumbing is good trade,” he said in an interview. “You’ll never be out of work. It best suits someone with strong math skills and problem solving ability.”

Figley’s honour and advice comes at a time when plumbing has become a shortage in Canada. With less people heading into the skilled trades, many industries are desperate for properly-certified plumbing professionals. The job itself is exciting and challenging work, despite stereotypes that suggest otherwise, and it can see people travel around the world. It’s also a financially rewarding career, especially as the jobs become more in demand.

The spry senior also laughed about the award and showed some pride in his accomplishments. “My children and grandchildren include three engineers, four PhDs, a nurse, a lawyer and a veterinarian, but I’m the only one with a Guinness world record.”

Plumbing is an amazing profession that will soon be one of Canada’s most sought-after professions. The combination of challenging work, the ability to work on large projects, and the reward of building something with your own two hands makes plumbing a rewarding profession. If you’re considering entering the world of plumbing, now is a great time to get the training and education you need.

Mr. Figley’s honour is a great moment for Canadian plumbing and a way to recognize the good work that plumbers do around the country to keep the water, and other systems, running as expected. Congratulations, Mr. Figley.We hope you keep plumbing!