The most common, and most expensive, way to discover that your basement leaks are to wait for a storm and see if it floods. Many Scarborough homeowners do this without even realizing it, also not knowing that they can often take care of many potential leakages long before the rain starts to fall and water levels start to rise. These are the most common basement waterproofing problems Scarborough homes face, and how to get them fixed before your basement floods.

The Problem: Leaky Window Frames & Door Frames

Most water that enters a home comes in through windows and doors, not through the walls or plumbing system. Many people do not properly inspect the windows and doors when they move into a new property. Consequently, new homeowners experience more frequent flooding than those who have been in the same home for a while. If you just moved into your home, always have a basement proofing professional inspect your home for any potential flooding issues.

The Solution: Sealing & Replacement

Basement professionals can inspect your home’s door frames and window frames and see if they need to be sealed or need replacement. Sealing can often be done on minor leaks, but many cases will also call for replacement. This can be of the frame or the glass itself, depending on the situation.

The Problem: Cracked foundation

Cracked foundations are always more common than they should be. A broken foundation is by far one of the most expensive repairs you can make to a home. But there is good news: getting ahead of the problem can be quite easy. Foundations usually take a lot of time to break down to the point of invasive repair, so you can get your foundation inspected and likely find a less expensive course of action. Be sure to have your foundation inspected after major storms or cases of basement flooding. These events can often speed up the foundation’s need for repair.

The Solution: Foundation repair

In the case of full-on foundation repair, basement waterproofing experts will excavate part of your home and fill in the problems. In most instances, the work is invasive but effective. Afterward, you will need to have your home inspected more regularly to ensure the problems do not happen again.

The Problem: Improper Plumbing

Some floods happen because of the weather, others because of poor plumbing. Between sewage backup problems and pipes bursting because they haven’t been inspected, the modern Scarborough home faces many potential problems that have nothing to do with the climate.

The Solution: Plumbing inspections and backwater valves.

The best solution for dealing with plumbing issues is to get in front of them. Bring an inspector into your home to determine if you need any plumbing maintenance or upgrades. On average, it’s best to have your plumbing inspected after any major events (like flooding) and regularly every two years. Another piece of plumbing equipment that you need is a backwater valve, which can help stop sewage from re-entering your home. These simple mechanical devices can be installed relatively easily by a plumbing professional, and your local government could even rebate you for the cost of the installation.

Basement waterproofing doesn’t need to come as a surprise. With an inspection by a basement waterproofing expert such as your neighbor Scarborough plumbing contractor, you can get in front of basement flooding. The experts can pinpoint every waterproofing problem Scarborough homes face.