Drip, drip, drip goes the (increasingly annoying) leaky faucet in the middle of the night. Each little plop sends your nerves twitching. The slow but steady leak eats away at the money in your wallet, with every drip costing you. A leaky faucet can be absolutely infuriating and surprisingly costly! There are a few reasons someone might want to hire a plumbing contractor in Toronto to switch out their old faucets for something newer and better. Any of these might lead you to go looking for a professional plumber.

Outdated or Faulty Hardware

There is something to be said for a sparkling tap in a clean bathroom that just makes a world of difference. Sometimes, though, after years of use, a sink faucet just doesn’t come clean anymore, or it begins chipping and rusting. A nasty-looking faucet might be just the excuse you need to have it replaced with that shiny new one you saw at the hardware store. 

Water Issues

Leaks or defective water lines can be another cause to call in a plumbing contractor in Toronto. If you’re noticing that turned-off taps still end up with water leaking out of them or a pool starts to form around your bathtub, best to start shopping around for a plumber! A leaky tap is a leak in your wallet and it’s an indication that the time has come to consider an upgrade.

Bad Water Volume

After a hard day’s work, stepping into a hot, high-pressure shower can be the thing that brings a little life back into you but what happens if that “high pressured” turns into “sad, deflated, tired pressure”? Poor water pressure can be an indication of pipes corroding. Galvanized steel pipes, popular in the older homes in Toronto, begin to degrade over time causing their diameter to narrow thus decreasing water volume. It can happen to sinks, tubs, and toilets, but most likely you’ll notice it most in your shower.

Poor Water Quality

Do you know what’s even more depressing than expecting a high pressured shower and getting sad low pressure? Sad, slow, low-pressure shower water that smells and carries signs of rusty pipes. That’s even worse, especially when you’re running late for work and attempting one of those Superman 5-second showers. This type of water can be caused by a number of problems, from rusting pipes to degraded water heaters. Instead of risking your clean pores and silky hair, you might want to consider calling in a plumbing contractor in Toronto.


Now we’re really talking. Moldy, damp bathrooms are the nightmares of parents when their children go off to live in dorms or “affordable, off-campus apartments”. If you’ve started to notice that the little black spot on your ceiling that you thought was perhaps a fly or spider taking a very long nap has started to grow, it might be time to face the reality that it’s actually mold caused by water damage. This isn’t something that you should leave until tomorrow to fix, because mold is a clear sign that there’s some kind of plumbing damage going on. If your faucets are starting to grow a nifty little winter coat it isn’t time to start naming them, but time to call in that handy plumber.


Whether your water has acquired a strange and not-so-wonderful smell, you’re sick and tired of that incessant drip, drip, drip, or simply bored with your current faucets, replacing your taps can be the best decision you make in a while.