A qualified and experienced Toronto drain contractor can help you with a number of issues that can affect how smoothly things run in your home. Sure, you can just get any old handyman to do some of these, but there are definitely benefits to be had by using a licensed and insured professional to do some of these tasks:

Building Trap Replacement

Building traps are outdated plumbing conventions that are still used extensively in Toronto. They are designed to “trap” water and prevent the circulation of air between the public sewer and your drainage system. The point of this is to reduce the chances of odors and bacteria backing up into your home from the sewers.

While traps might have been a good option at one time, that’s no longer the case. They are notoriously difficult to keep clean and they get easily clogged, which can cause raw sewage to back up into your building instead. Get your drain contractor to replace the trap with a modern two-way cleanout that enables access to the whole drain instead.

Tree Root Removal

Tree roots are a major cause of blocked drains in Toronto, partly because they are attracted to the moisture that escapes from hairline cracks in the pipes. Once the roots penetrate the drain they create a perfect net to trap household debris, which helps to make the blockage worse. By consulting a drain contractor as soon as you notice slow-flowing drains or gurgling sounds in your bathtub, you can avoid the expense associated with digging up your entire system to repair the problem.

Basement Flood Prevention

With the endemic basement flooding that takes place with increasing regularity in Toronto, it’s essential that you take steps to ensure your home is secure from rising floodwaters. Your professional drain contractor can provide you with and install the necessary equipment, such as:

  • A basement sump pump
  • Backwater valve
  • Improved drainage through weeping tiles or new, larger capacity drain pipes

These measures will not only help you to avoid the inconvenience of a flood but will contribute to boosting your home’s resale value and keeping your insurance premiums manageable.

Pipe Bursting and Replacement

“Pipe bursting” is a method of removing pipes without the need to dig up your ground. It’s particularly helpful when you need to replace old or damaged drainage systems that lie under paving or other expensive surfaces. An experienced drain contractor has the equipment and experience to fracture the old pipe using an expander head, which presses the pieces into the earth surrounding the pipe to make space. The new pipe is fed into the space behind the expander head and can be up to 150% bigger than the old one.

All these tasks are complex and can be costly if they aren’t done correctly. Don’t take chances – use a qualified drain contractor to ensure that all work done at your home or business is carried out expertly and efficiently and according to code.