Just imagine. It’s chilly December and you’ve overslept. You have a 9 am meeting and there’s just enough time to take a quick shower and grab coffee on your way to the office. You turn on the faucet with one hand while brushing your teeth with the other. Yikes! No hot water! What now? This is the time when you need to know how to find emergency plumbers in Toronto, without having to go through the entire telephone directory trying to get someone out to solve the problem.

Ok, let’s face facts: Nobody is going to be able to get you to your meeting on time. Not showered, anyway. But do you really need to spend the whole day sorting out your plumbing issue? Let’s look at the reasons for needing emergency plumbing services, and see how having your local plumber on speed dial will help.

Frozen Pipes

The scenario described above can happen anytime if your hot water cylinder stops working properly. No hot water is one thing, but no water at all is another problem altogether and that’s what happens if your inlet pipes freeze.

You’d think in a place like Canada most homes would have their water pipes installed out of harm’s way. There are still many incidences of water pipes installed in unheated basements, however, as well as against concrete block walls that are exposed to cold winds. In some cases, previously protected pipes are exposed after recent renovations.

Whatever the cause, it happens, and it’s on the coldest winter days that emergency plumbers in Toronto are at their busiest.

Blocked Drains

Put simply, a blocked drain is a nuisance. In Toronto, it can be much more than that, and a backed-up drainage system can trigger a flood. It’s even worse if the blockage causes wastewater to back up, because that can cause sewage to flood your basement unless you get emergency plumbing assistance. Blockages can be caused by the failure of your sump pump, by tree roots that have grown into the drainage system, overflowing eavestroughs or plugged downspouts. And if you get a blocked drain on a rainy day, the problem suddenly becomes much worse. Make sure you have easy access to contact details for emergency plumbers in Toronto.

Burst Water Pipe

Water pipes have a handy knack of choosing really inconvenient times to burst, as was the case last year April in Mississauga when a hot water pipe burst in a 30-storey condo building. More than 1,000 residents were evacuated when a broken pipe on the 6th floor flooded the complex with boiling water. Everyone from the 6th floor downwards had to be accommodated elsewhere overnight while the complex brought in crews of plumbers to help. If something like this happens in your home or condo building, you’ll be very glad to have details for emergency plumbers in Toronto that you can call on to fix it.

Clogged Toilet

Many Toronto homes still have only one washroom, as do the majority of apartments. So what do you do when your only toilet becomes clogged? Wait until the next day? Not likely.. At times like this, you not only need the fastest-acting emergency plumbers in Toronto, you need 24-hour plumbers, because you can’t wait until the next business day to get the toilet fixed. And how much better can the service be if the plumber knows you?

Contact your local plumber now for a free consultation and the next time you need emergency plumbers in Toronto, you’ll know who to call and we’ll come right out to fix your problem.