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new home during plumbing inspection

Plumbing Features To Inspect Before Buying a New Home

Posted on March 22nd, 2017 · Posted in Home Plumbing

Buying a new home is exciting, but you do not want to get carried away. You need to stay objective and make sure to perform all of the necessary inspections… read more

friendly toronto plumbing contractor ready to perform plumbing inspection

How Often Should You Have A Plumbing Inspection?

Posted on November 15th, 2016 · Posted in Home Plumbing

Home inspections, for many, come in one of two instances: when the home is being sold and when something goes terribly wrong. In both of these instances, the less expensive.. read more

water heater themostat

Renting vs. Buying a Hot Water Heater: Which is Best for YOU?

Posted on October 26th, 2015 · Posted in Home Plumbing

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Trying to figure out whether to buy or rent a water heater can be a difficult and confusing process. The.. read more

toronto area factory

Choosing the Right Size Water Heater for Your Toronto Factory

Posted on August 28th, 2015 · Posted in General

You may have no choice. Even though you believe your factory’s water heater is functioning correctly, a plumber may have told you otherwise. Or one of your employees suffered burns.. read more